2019 | Birtingur útgáfufélag ehf | k.t. 620867-0129 | VSK.nr 11788 | Síðumúla 28 | Allur réttur áskilinn. Notkun á efni miðilsins er óheimil án samþykkis.

Annar eggjastokkurinn fjarlægður

Annar eggjastokkur Lenu Dunham var fjarlægður með skurðaðgerð á þriðjudaginn. Fyrr á árinu var legið fjarlægt vegna legslímuflakks.

Leikkonan Lena Dunham, sem er einna þekktust sem höfundur og aðalleikkona þáttanna Girls, gekkst undir skurðaðgerð í þriðjudaginn til að láta fjarlægja annan eggjastokkinn.

Dunham greindi frá þessu á Instagram og sagði að eggjastokkurinn sem var fjarlægður hefði valdið henni miklum óþægindum og sársauka undanfarið vegna meðal annars bólgu.

„Í gær gekkst ég undir tveggja tíma aðgerð til að láta fjarlægja vinstri eggjastokkinn,“ skrifaði Dunham meðal annars. Hún sagði einnig frá því að undanfarna mánuði hafi hún átt erfitt með að bæði ganga og pissa.

Þess má geta að Dunhm fór í aðgerð fyrr á árinu og lét fjarlægja legið vegna legslímuflakks. Hún greindi frá því í viðtali við Vogue að hún hafi reynt allt til að vinna bug á sjúkdómnum en að lokum hafi hún tekið ákvörðun um að láta fjarlægja legið.

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Yesterday I had a two hour surgery to remove my left ovary, which was encased in scar tissue & fibrosis, attached to my bowel and pressing on nerves that made it kinda hard to walk/pee/vamp. Over the last month it got worse and worse until I was simply a burrito posing as a human. *** My mother took this picture after I spent 9 hours in the post op recovery area with v low blood pressure that the nurses were diligently monitoring. I was so out of it that I thought I looked sensually moody a la Charlotte Rampling (turns out it was more of a constipation vibe.) *** A lot of people commented on my last post about being too sick to finish promoting my show by saying my hysterectomy should have fixed it (I mean *should* is a weird one). That I should get acupuncture and take supplements (I do). That I should see a therapist because it’s clearly psychological (year 25 of therapy, y’all. These are the fruits!) But a big lesson I’ve learned in all of this is that health, like most stuff, isn’t linear- things improve and things falter and you start living off only cranberry juice from a sippy cup/sleeping on a glorified heating pad but you’re also happier than you’ve been in years. I feel blessed creatively and tickled by my new and improved bellybutton and so so so lucky to have health insurance as well as money for care that is off of my plan. But I’m simultaneously shocked by what my body is and isn’t doing for me and red with rage that access to medical care is a privilege and not a right in this country and that women have to work extra hard just to prove what we already know about our own bodies and beg for what we need to be well. It’s humiliating. *** My health not being a given has paid spiritual dividends I could never have predicted and it’s opened me up in wild ways and it’s given me a mission: to advocate for those of us who live at the cross section of physical and physic pain, to remind women that our stories don’t have to look one way, our pain is our gain and oh shit scars and mesh “panties” are the fucking jam. Join me, won’t you? *** 📷 @lauriesimmons

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