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An Icelandic app for victims of violence wins an award: „We are still on cloud nine“


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„We would like to express our gratitude for the endless amount of beautiful messages; we are still on cloud nine, and it still has not quite yet sunk in that we actually won the award,“ says Inga Henriksen, one of the creators of Liljaapp, an app that received the Women Innovators Incubator award last night. The app is meant to help victims of violence get into a better position both legally and socially. Women Tech Iceland and Huawei were behind last night’s event.

Inga Henriksen and Árdís Rut Einarsdóttir are the two women behind the app, which has gained a lot of attention. Both women have worked with victims of violence.

„This has been an amazing journey, incredibly enlightening,“ says Henriksen. The app won third price in the Gulleggið competition (e. The Golden Egg), as well as receiving a special award from Vörður and Huawei.

Exciting times lie ahead for the duo. They have been invited for a trip to Prague in July, where they will present the app to ambassadors. In addition to that, they will do a lecture on innovation and dreams, in an all-women school.

It will be exciting to watch the app’s development in the coming months.

The creators of Liljaapp.
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This article was originally published in Icelandic by Katrín Heiða Guðjónsdóttir.


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