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Frosti’s announcement after accusations: „I take full responsibility for my behavior“


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Frosti Logason, a well-known journalist currently working for the TV channel Stöð 2, sent out an announcement regarding an interview published in the podcast Eigin Konur, where a woman named Edda Pétursdóttir talks openly about a violent relationship she was in. She describes her ex-boyfriend as being mentally abusive towards her, which only escalated after the relationship ended. After having ended the relationship, she says she suffered threats at the hands of her ex, where he said he would distribute sexual photos and videos of her.

She also said that he exhibited behavior where he stalked her with mountains of texts and emails and accused her of things like cheating on him and treating him poorly. Edda did not name her ex-boyfriend in the interview, but it has now come out that Frosti Logason in the man in question. Edda’s interview was also published at Stundin.

„Today, an interview came out with my ex-girlfriend, that I was romantically involved with in the years 2009 to 2012. The interview was also appeared in Stundin,“ Frosti says in an announcement, published on his Facebook page.

„I want to make it abundantly clear that I take full responsibility for my behavior, and I do not doubt her experience. “

Frosti says that the relationship the two of them shared had not been healthy and how they treated one another had been far from acceptable. „I was in a bad place at the time. I was very upset about our break-up and what followed was a terrible time where I was obsessed, and both said and did things that I truly regret. “

Frosti says that he managed to get better with the help of a psychologist, a therapist, and a 12-step program. Part of his progress had been to delete all former online communication between himself and Edda. „Therefore, I had not fully realized exactly what I had said and written at that time, until I saw the interview this morning. “

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„I know that there is nothing that can make up for my behavior, but the least I can do is to admit what I did and apologize sincerely, “ Frosti says.

In her interview, Edda said that Frosti had recorded sexual videos of her and then kept them. After they broke up, he had then threatened to distribute the videos. In the extreme number of emails and texts that he sent her in the year after they broke up, he had repeatedly accused her of cheating on him and threatened her.

Edda says that for a decade she lived in constant fear.

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This article was originally written in Icelandic by Gunnhildur Kjerúlf Birgisdóttir.


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