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Kristjón’s services to the billionaire: „I handed data from Mannlíf’s system to Róbert“


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„I had, for over a week, used the skill set of a hacker to try and acquire passwords that might get me into Mannlíf’s inner web. I hereby admit to having handed data from within Mannlíf’s system to Róbert and that he, on occasions, asked me to inspect whether some articles might be sent in from outside sources, whether articles about him were being read, or even if I knew whether articles about him were appearing soon or being written within the system.“

This account is written by Kristjón Kormákur Guðjónsson in an article, which appears in Mannlíf’s latest magazine. The article revolves around Kristjón’s break-in to Mannlíf’s editorial office last January, the events that followed and the cover up.

Kristjón’s confession about being the perpetrator in the burglary gained widespread attention. His confession came out in the form of an interview in Reynir Traustason’s podcast, Mannlífið, six weeks after the events in January. Kristjón took responsibility of the burglary and promised to make up for the damage he had done, in addition to returning the things that he stole on that fateful night.

In Mannlíf’s latest edition, distributed today, Kristjón goes into detail regarding his communication with Róbert Wessman, the latter’s abuse of him and the rewards he received for his services.

„For a while, I was able to get into the media’s inner web, as they had forgotten to close my access after I stopped working there a while back,“ Kristjón Kormákur writes.

In the morning after the break-in to Mannlíf’s offices in Ármúli, Kristjón Kormákur spoke to Róbert Wessman on the phone twice. During the same morning hours, one million Icelandic krónur were wired to Kristjón’s company, by Róbert’s lawyer, Ólafur Kristinsson.  

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„I want to make it clear that at first I never meant to go so far as to breaking into Reynir’s car or into Mannlíf’s offices,“ Kristjón Kormákur writes in Mannlíf’s latest magazine edition, distributed in Bónus, Hagkaup and at N1. It can also be read online here.

Disclaimer: Mannlíf’s publisher is the victim in the break-in described in this article.


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This article was originally written in Icelandic by Reynir Traustason.


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