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Ólafur, Róbert’s lawyer, admits to millions in wire transfers to Kristjón after the break-in


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The lawyer Ólafur Kristinsson sent an announcement to Mannlíf on Friday, 11th of March, regarding wire transfers from his account to Kristjón Kormákur, on the 21st of January. That was the day after the break-in to Mannlíf’s editorial offices.

Ólafur admitted to having transferred amounts of money to Kristjón in the last few months – also on the day after the break-in.

Ólafur had repeatedly denied his involvement in Róbert’s Wessman’s affairs to Mannlíf’s journalist. He said, time and time again, that he had personally hired Kristjón to do a consultant job for him, completely unrelated to Róbert Wessman, and that both his first and last payment to Kristjón had been done in September of last year. Ólafur vehemently denied any payments being made after that time.

A copy of one of the wire transfers from the 21st of January. Both copies can be seen in Mannlíf’s latest magazine issue.

Mannlíf contacted Lára Ómarsdóttir, spokesperson for Róbert Wessman, on March 11th, and sent her the following questions:

  1. What do you know about wire transfers from the law firm Lögsaga (Ólafur Kristinsson) to Kristjón Kormákur (24.is), on the 21st of January?
  2. On the 18th of February, Kristjón sent an email to Róbert Wessman where he says that he wants to confess to the break-in, does Róbert concede to this?

Lára sent her reply later that same day:

„As I do not think it would be right for me to answer on behalf of Lögsaga, I decided to contact Ólafur Kristinsson, lawyer at Lögsaga, and inform him of your inquiries.

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He said that he would send you an answer to your question (i.e.: 1. What do you know about wire transfers from the law firm Lögsaga (Ólafur Kristinsson) to Kristjón Kormákur (24.is), on the 21st of January?)“

Lára replied to the latter question and said that Róbert did not know anything about such an email from Kristjón.

„No, Róbert does not concede to that.“ Róbert himself had in fact confirmed in his own statement that he had used Ólafur’s services in the last ten years, but did not further clarify as to what tasks the lawyer had performed for him.

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Later in that evening, Mannlífs journalist and Reynir Traustason, Mannlíf’s editor, received a statement from Ólafur. In this statement, Ólafur admits to having transferred money to Kristjón’s account, despite his previous answers where he had solely denied this.


Ólafur’s full statement can be read here:

A statement from Ólafur Kristinsson, lawyer, regarding payments to Kristjón Kormákur Guðjónsson.

Kristjón Kormákur Guðjónsson was working on specific writing and marketing projects for the law firm Lögsaga. Lögsaga signed a contract with him on the 25th of June in 2021. This was a six-month contract. At the end of the six-month period, Kristjón Kormákur had not delivered on the writing that he had been hired to do and the contract expired at the end of November 2021.

At the end of December, Kristjón contacted Lögsaga and said that he was nearly finished with the writing that he had been tasked with before, but that he needed only a small fee to finish his work, so Lögsaga paid one bill sent by him, in December.

On the 19th of January, Kristjón Kormákur announced that the job was finished. He therefore asked to receive a payment of 2 million ISK, to pay for his staff’s salary. This can be confirmed with both emails and text messages. Lögsaga paid Kristjón Kormákur those 2 million ISK in three separate wire transfers. One million on the 20th of January, and two transfers of 500.000 ISK each, on the 21st of January.

Lögsaga paid 900.000 ISK to Kristjón Kormákur in February, as part of a 1.500.000 ISK bill that he sent to Lögsaga, for a report that he was supposed to turn in but failed to deliver.

These payments were in no way connected to Mannlíf, Mannlíf’s editor, damage of property or any kind of criminal acts.

In addition to this, the sender of this statement lent a small amount of money personally to Kristjón Kormákur, when he was broke, travelling abroad.  


Ólafur Kristinsson, lawyer

Lögsaga, law firm


In Mannlíf’s latest magazine issue, readers can find a detailed timeline of the communication between the individuals in this article.

The timeline can be found here.

This article was originally written in Icelandic by Katrín Heiða Guðjónsdóttir.


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