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An increase in reports of children eating nicotine pouches


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There has been a notable increase in reports to the poison center in Landspítali hospital from the year 2020 to 2021, due to nicotine pouches. This is stated in the center’s annual report.

Fréttablaðið reported that according to information from the poison center, there were a few reports of poisonings from nicotine pouches that had been eaten by young children. In a few of these accounts, the children got their hands on the pouches on sidewalks or streets, but in most of the cases they came in contact with the pouches at the home of someone close to them.

The most common drugs to be reported to the poison center were nicotine drugs, paracetamol and drugs administered for psychological disorders.

There were also a few accounts of poisonings due to drugs administered for epilepsy and heart decease. 47% of inquiries were due to drug poisonings and 45% due to other toxic matters.

60% of the phone calls received by the poison center regarding toxic matters, were due to  cleaning products.


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This article was originally published in Icelandic by Harpa Mjöll Reynisdóttir.


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